So I got a job offer in a different city and I see it as a wonderful opportunity to finally get off of housing and off of food stamps and make a salary and support myself, and even though I would be in a different city as my family, I see it as a wonderful opportunity to provide for them as well and help with the bills. The Lord is my provider and I think of how I lack a decent job and if anything were to happen to my parents I know that I would indeed be homeless with my parents debts to pay so i really want to move and get this job but I am scared. I’m so used to my mother holding me back from so many things and I’m scared of her but I really want to be an adult and support myself and of course them. I pray for prayer of strength and faith and courage. I need to give them a response today and I really don’t want to turn down the offer. I see it as a chance to escape poverty but I feel like a coward and I don’t want to trap myself because of fear. Prayers are most needed.

Thank you so much for your kind words, God bless!

Kindly fix your links? I want to read some of your topics but the links aren't right. Please fix it asap. Thank you and God bless! :)

I thought I did but clearly not :( I will try right! God bless!<3


I will pursue You I can’t live without Your presence

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We are without excuse. We are lazy and our love is not genuine. If it was genuine then all our energy would go into doing what Jesus instructed us to do and following the example that he set. If Jesus found it necessary to get up early in the morning and stay up late at night to talk with his Father, should that not tell us something? Yet here we are trying to live a godly life with no power because we do not pray.

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